The Refreshing Camp - wake up to the new you…

Misty Trails awaits your presence to let you enjoy a number of leisure activities that it has specifically and exclusively designed for all of you!

Set inside 20 acres of lush green misty hills, the beautiful Misty Trails is all about peace, tranquility and a lot of rejuvenation. To top it, this resort also provides a number of activities and amenities such that your love affair with the Mother Nature knots itself stronger!

Choose from the best of package, plan a trip to this beautiful escapade and spend tranquil time in the lap of nature. Treat all your senses, let your lungs inhale pure air, your ears lurk in the chirpy songs of the early birds while your tongue enjoys the homemade delicious food or cup of hot tea.Gear up for the best experience of adventures camping in Kodaikanal.

Take a look into the services that the beautiful Misty Trails serves you with:

Food & Accmodation

Bird watching

Tent Staying

Veg & Non-Veg(BBQ)

Food & Accommodation

Set inside 20 acres of lush green scenic hills, Misty Trails promises a comfortable homestay. There are spacious and comfortable rooms which can easily accommodate groups of 10-50 campers, pick between the choices such as double bedrooms, dormitory as well as humble tents – as per your taste. Misty Trails personally advices you to choose the latter if you are likely to experience a fulsome Kodaikanal tent stay.

The Camp serves lip-smacking food at its breakfast, lunch as well as dinner along with mouth-watering midmorning as well as evening snack. The whole lunch and brunch affair is further followed by the fragrantly tea or coffee (straight from its very own plantation). You can also enjoy a delicious and relishing Barbeque grill to unveil the chef in you.


Misty Trails is all about peace, tranquility, rejuvenation and fun filled activities designed for all ages, office professionals, family crowd, explorers, and adventurers as well as sports junkies. This camp has lots of activities forits guests, the popular activities include