Mistytrails story

- The Refreshing Camp - wake up to the new you…

Nature is man’s best friend and staying in its company can bring in purity and rejuvenation. However, this is not possible in our daily routine life, consequently we become tired – physically, mentally and spiritually. To satisfy this craving, Misty Trails comes to the rescue, help you blend & associate yourself with nature’s pureness and loveliness.

At Misty Trails, we aim to bring you a step closer to the Mother Nature. Just rest yourself away from the city’s noise and nuisance in the tranquil eastern fringe of the Mighty Western Ghats, among the crest of Palani hills- Misty Trails is the right place that you would want to spend. Located at a distance of 35 kilometers from the Kodai region, take a trip to this beautiful exotic camp and experience a close-knit affair with the nature as it begins to whisper and unveil a lot many secrets into your ears.

Surrounded by the lush green exotic flora and fauna, this resort offers you an overwhelming experience of indulging into the truest beauty of nature.. Misty Trails stay ensures a peaceful camping adventure offering its assistance right from travel support, food & dining, camping activities, leisure activities, camp fire, trekking, etc.

Indulge into the beauty of nature and take a step ahead to dive into all its secrets, spend a tranquil time with all your loved ones; detoxify all negativity and tiredness by allowing yourself to dive into nature at its best, the in-house amenities which could be enjoyed by one and all.

Escape to this beautiful panoramic paradise and indulge into the truest beauty of nature as we at Misty Trails tend to offer you the best deals. Choose the best Kodaikanal trip package and plan your trip to this beautifully set camping centre which has a lot to offer to your comfort zone.